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Call for Submissions

Pennsylvania Educational Leadership Special Edition

The underlying premise of this special edition is that educators, at all levels, are committed to providing a high quality, equitable education for all students, therefore, we must find a way to use our voices as a mechanism for advocacy during an intensely political and potentially polarizing time. Dialogue on how issues of race, class, gender, citizenship, immigration, and globalization intersect with access to an equitable education are necessary, as are discussions on how policies, such as ESSA, influence educator practice. Due to the critical nature of this topic, the Pennsylvania ASCD Executive Board has commissioned a special edition of PEL focusing on ESSA, access, and equity across the PreK-16 spectrum. This edition builds off the research presented at the PASA Education Conference and Research Symposium and signifies a cross-organization commitment to advancing research on these topics. Prospective authors are encouraged to explore any number of important issues and perspectives that relate to the broad theme for this special edition (i.e. social justice leadership, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), undocumented students, ESSA implementation, educational equity, school reform). 

Authors interested in submitting to this special edition should consider the following:

We are interested in hearing from public and private educators at all levels, including higher education students, faculty, and professionals. Additionally, individuals working in the nonprofit education policy realm are also encouraged to submit. We welcome a wide variety of manuscripts including (but not limited to) single study inquiries, qualitative and quantitative research, theoretical and conceptual pieces, historical analyses, literature reviews, action research, and first-person narratives. Beginning spring 2014, the journal began including a Practitioners Page highlighting the voices, thoughts, and opinions of educators in the field. Submissions for the Practitioners Page can take a variety of formats including (but not limited to) book reviews, policy reviews, and critical reflections on current educational issues and trends. Individuals choosing to submit to the Practitioners Page should follow the same submission guidelines as those submitting manuscripts, with the exception of the Abstract. Authors must also indicate that the submission is intended for the Practitioners Page on the cover sheet. 

Submission Guidelines:

Authors should email manuscripts to Editor Kathleen Provinzano (Drexel University) at All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the Editor and those deemed appropriate will be sent for blind review. Manuscripts should follow the guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association (APA).

  • The submission email should indicate that the submission is intended for the fall 2017 special edition of PEL. If submitting to the Practitioner Page please state that in the email.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted as a single Word document and include: cover sheet, abstract, body/text, reference lists. If possible, please include the Digital Object Identifiers, (DOI) for all electronic sources. The manuscript must
  • The cover sheet should include the title and author information, including contact information for the primary author, include mailing address, email address, and phone number. On this page, the author should indicate that the manuscript has not been submitted elsewhere for publication. If the manuscript involves the use of human subjects, the author should indicate whether Institutional Review Board approval has been granted unless deemed exempt.
  • The second page of the submitted manuscript is the abstract page. The abstract should be 150 words or fewer. The abstract should include the purpose of the manuscript and essential findings or discussion points.
  • The author(s) should remove any self-identifying references from the body of the text to ensure blind review of the manuscript.
  • The references page will follow the body of the text and any tables, charts, or figures. Please be sure to check that all in-text citations match references in the list and that the list is properly formatted using the APA guidelines. Please include the DOI for electronic sources.

The deadline for submitting manuscripts for the fall 2017 special edition of PEL is Friday, September 8, 2017. Questions regarding a possible submission, submissions under review, or submissions requiring revision can be directed to the editor, Kathleen Provinzano (Drexel University) at

Potential authors, please click here for the Call for Submissions guidelines. 

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