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Pre-Conference A: "Learning Transformed: 8 Keys to Transforming  Tomorrow's  Schools, Today" Presenter: Tom Murray
Sunday, 1:00pm to 5:00pm  
Pre-Conference Session Description:

Having no historical precedent, the current speed of technological breakthroughs has lead to the coming age of workplace automation, dramatically altering the world of work that our students will enter upon graduation. With the vast disparities of inequity that have existed for centuries, all that is known about how students learn, and the predictions regarding the world that our students will face tomorrow, utilizing a traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning is educational malpractice. Built upon the foundation of leadership and school culture, a redesigned learning experience fundamentally shifts the teaching and learning paradigm to one that is personal, while altering the use of authentic assessments, how technology is leveraged, the spaces in which the learning occurs, the way educators grow professionally, how schools collaborate with the community, and ultimately, the sustainability of the system as a whole. In this four hour, hands-on workshop, author Thomas C. Murray will dissect these eight keys, which each serve as a puzzle piece for redesigning the learning experience, to unlock tomorrow’s schools so that today’s modern learners leave ready to create new industries, find new cures, and solve world problems. We must create tomorrow’s schools today and you are part of the solution.

  Pre-Conference B: "Exploring Leading Together: Building Relational Trust in Schools"        
Presenter: Margaret Golden
Sunday, 1:00pm to 5:00pm  
Pre-Conference Session Description:

This evidenced based professional development program offered by the Center for Courage and Renewal is designed to support whole school change initiatives by strengthening shared leadership, positive relationships, and relational trust in the adult community. Leading Together provides an effective set of practices that focus on a missing piece in our efforts to transform schools and improve outcomes for our students.  It is unique amongst leadership interventions in its focus on giving principals and teachers common training and practical protocols that directly address adult relational trust. Leading Together focuses on capacity building so that schools can achieve any initiative they undertake. It prepares school leadership teams to apply principles of reflective practice as well as protocols drawing from contemplative and mindfulness practices, social-emotional learning, and the arts, to meetings and other interactions amongst adults in school in order to build relational trust through:

  • Cultivating self-awareness.
  • Building connection and community.
  • Fostering teamwork and shared leadership.
  • Strengthening capacity to listen, pay attention, and be present in teaching, leading, and relationships.
  • Holding tension and dealing with conflict constructively.
  • Reconnecting with what originally inspired us to be educators.

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